Making an Immigrant Story

Budding historians research the trip immigrants to the United States take and the reasons behind their willingness to start over in a new place. Groups create their own video lessons outlining the story of human migration from departure to arrival. The video presentations learners make and share highlight the various details of risking it all to come to the land of opportunity. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • to set the tone for the project, post around the room photos of immigrants from Ellis Island 
  • Invite a local historian to your class as a guest speaker on past and current immigrants to the United States
Classroom Considerations

  • Lesson is entirely online, including the video students must be produce as the final product

  • Lesson includes detailed teacher rubrics, plans, and materials 
  • Resource provides printable worksheets and step-by-step instructions for the video project

  • None