Get out of the textbook and into real economic issues with an innovative video. Crash Course Economics takes learners through a tour of macroeconomics and applies the three major factors of macroeconomics—gross domestic product, unemployment, and inflation—to both historical and modern contexts, and explains the ways each factor affects the other two.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners watch the video on their own and bring questions and notes to class the next day
  • Split the class into pairs or groups to investigate the GDP of various countries, including the changes
  • Pair with language arts and have pupils write a narrative essay about how these economic factors have affected their daily lives
Classroom Considerations
  • Video opens with an advertisement that you can skip after a few seconds
  • Most useful for advanced learners or older high schoolers
  • Focuses on specific economic issues that are current to the video (2015), but contains concepts that are relevant to any time period
  • References the sex trade and drug trade as industries that do not measure into the GDP
  • Emphasizes the relevance of macroeconomics to learners' lives
  • Clarifies the factors that do and do not contribute to a country's GDP
  • Defines the word recession, which learners probably know about but can't describe
  • None