Lunar Eclipses

A lunar eclipse or the red moon? This is the focus question of a captivating video hosted by the knowledgable and energetic Jessi and her mouse sidekick Squeaks. Here, the two examine the what, why, and how of lunar eclipses and encourages scholars to get out and look up.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Confirm when the next lunar eclipse will take place, watch the video prior to that evening 
  • Follow the video's lead; direct pupils to observe the moon, have them record what they see and draw a picture over the course of several days 
  • Send learners home with the video to watch with their family members
Classroom Considerations

  • An ad appears close to the start of the video 
  • Mentions a lunar eclips scheduled for April 2015
  • Comments and suggested video visible; have the video ready to play in full screen mode to avoid seeing inappropriate content 
  • Resource is the 12th in a series of 18 astronomy videos

  • Clearly defines key terms and provides pictures for better understanding 
  • A cartoon set and kid-friendly special effects enhance engagement

  • A fast talking host may cause pupils to lose focus—enable closed captioning, pause, and replay as needed