Lou-Vee-Air Car

This Lou-Vee-Air Car lesson plan also includes:

Who said teaching a STEM lesson had to be challenging? Incorporate a career and technology-centered car build into your upcoming force lesson plan, and your class will be moving down the road in no time! Pupils practice force-mass-acceleration problems, then work together to build an air car and test its abilities to move with different amounts of mass added to it.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Open the lesson with the two included videos to give the class an idea of what they will be doing
  • Use the printable quiz to assess learning
Classroom Considerations
  • Review the instructional video in advance to help you plan the build
  • Consider making the lesson a multi-day activity to allow enough time for pupils to prepare and test their designs
  • The resources within the lesson are very helpful
  • Activity uses simple, easy-to-source materials for the lab component
  • None