It's time for a field trip! Scholars take their new-found knowledge of adaptations and seed dispersal on a field trip to a local botanical garden. They gain an up-close look at how ecological interdependence works in a distinct environment and reflect on their observations through a hands-on activity called "Snowball". 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Depending on the time of your field trip departure, conduct the first half of the lesson the day before the excursion is scheduled 
  • Take pictures and display them along with learners' snowballs on a bulletin board 
  • Invite parents and guardians to assist on the field trip
Classroom Considerations

  • Although the field trip's destination, Lotusland, is a specific location found in the city in which the lesson was created, a local botanical garden may also serve as the lesson's focal point
  • The eighth of 17 items in a unit created to inform pupils about ecosystems 
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  • Incorporates cooperative learnings strategies 
  • Includes sentence starters 
  • Allows class members to reflect and show what they know in an engaging manner 

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