Lorenzo de Zavala and José Antonio Navarro: Their Contributions to the Independence of Texas

Lorenzo de Zavala and José Antonio Navarro were both native Mexicans and leaders of the Texas Revolution, but with different backgrounds and careers. Compare and contrast the two influential men with a research assignment in which learners read two articles, answer comprehension questions, and complete a checklist with details from the text.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create an interdisciplinary assignment between language arts and social studies during a unit on the Texas Revolution or when discussing the Battle of San Jacinto
  • Encourage class members to find additional ways that the two men are similar or different
Classroom Considerations

  • Doesn't offer in-depth analysis opportunities; consider using the worksheet as a brainstorm for a more thorough compare and contrast essay
  • Most effective if learners have contextual knowledge of the Texas Revolution

  • Includes informational text analysis in a content-based assignment
  • Versatile for multiple reading levels

  • None