Let's Create! Pottery HD

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Using a potter’s wheel to make functional art is an experience not common to most people. Provide your learners with a chance to see what pottery making is all about with an app that allows them to create pots, fire them, decorate them, and then sell them at auction in order to purchase more fabulous and creative materials.

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App Overview

The app begins with the lovely sound of chirping birds and a lump of clay on a spinning potter’s wheel. The user will be directed through the creation process through visual modeling and written instruction. They’ll be able to pull and manipulate clay into works of art with the drag of a finger across the screen. Selling pots will earn the user money which can be used to purchase a wide variety of decorations that are inspired by the ancient potters of long ago.


  • Tap the Create option
  • Drag your finger across the spinning clay to widen it, or draw your finger up to make it taller
  • When finished, tap the Firing button at the lower-right corner of the screen
  • Tapping the check mark will confirm your choice to fire your pot
  • The pot can be cleared, painted, embellished, or sold at an auction
  • Tap Clear to delete the pot
  • Tap Brushes to choose a painting tool
  • Tap Colours to access decoration options
  • Tap Ornament to add handles or lids to the creation
  • Tap Ready for more options


  • This options allows the user to do several things
  • Take a photo of his creation
  • Print allows the user to actually order a 3-D version of his creation. An order will be placed and an actual replica of the users pot will be delivered to their home (for a fee of course).
  • Tapping Portal will allow the user to share, comment, and vote on other pots through social media
  • Tapping Sell will put the pot up for auction to earn money. This is necessary to purchase additional materials.


  • Choose from 3 different materials
  • 8 ornaments
  • 8 different colors
  • 12 basic geometric designs
  • 11 African designs
  • 11 Aztec designs
  • 11 Chinese designs
  • 11 Ancient Egyptian designs
  • 16 Greek designs
  • 11 Japanese designs
  • 12 Kid designs
  • 11 Native American designs
  • 11 Neanderthal designs (note that this is not the correct term for this style of glyph work)


  • Access the online video guide
  • Additional games
  • Sound options
  • Language options


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Instructional Ideas
  • The process of making the pots is quite soothing and contemplative. It may be a good activity choice for learners who have ADHD or need something to help them calm down in frustrating situations.

  • Have groups of two research pottery designs from ancient civilizations, such as China, Egypt, or Greece. Have them write a paper on why pots were made, what they were used for, and what the decorations meant in terms of symbolism, magic, or storytelling. To complete the project, each pair can use this app to create a model (image or 3-D replica) of the pottery used by the civilization they researched.

  • For art teachers who do not have access to a pottery wheel or kiln, the app may be a useful tool to demonstrate the pot making process to their class.


Classroom Considerations

This app is very interesting and it could be used in many different ways; however, it is not specifically geared to a classroom audience. The pot making process is time consuming and may not fit into a tight classroom schedule.


  • The act of creating, selling, and buying builds a sense of economics
  • The design options are extensive
  • Materials must be earned, which develops a sense of work ethic and economic exchange
  • Design themes represent ancient pot designs
  • Teachers can order any of the pots their students design


  • The process may be frustrating or boring for some learners
  • Learners can access other games not related to this app
  • The tool is not specifically geared toward the educational community