Let Them Eat Pi

This Let Them Eat Pi activity & project also includes:

Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate Pi Day? Then this is the resource for you. From a scavenger hunt and trivia contest to PowerPoint presentations and skills practice worksheets, this collection of materials is a math teacher's dream come true.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Integrate these activities into a lesson series on the geometry of circles
  • Take your math class to the computer lab and use the trivia contest as an Internet scavenger hunt activity
  • When playing the Jeopardy game, allow students to work in small teams, establishing a fair way of choosing who answers each question to help ensure the engagement of all students
Classroom Considerations

  • Activities require varying amounts of preparation, so be sure to plan ahead when implementing them

  • Activities and worksheets cover a range of math subjects from geometry to trigonometry and calculus
  • A list of additional Pi Day activity ideas is included with this collection of materials
  • Resource includes a list of websites and books about pi
  • Answer keys are provided for the scavenger hunt and trivia contest activities

  • Documents are in PDF format, which does not allow for easy editing of the materials