Unit Plan

Let It Grow: An Inquiry-Based Organic Gardening Research Project

This Let It Grow: An Inquiry-Based Organic Gardening Research Project unit plan also includes:

How does your garden grow? An inquiry-based, organic gardening unit asks young scientists to research a vegetable or flower, create an environment for it, and then plant and tend to the seedling. Gardeners develop their own research questions and keep observation notes in a project binder. Growers also create a sign that identifies their plant and teaches classmates what they have learned.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Work with the school librarian to gather books and encyclopedias for the research project
  • Check with a local nursery to see if they will donate some of the needed materials (compost, organic potting soil, etc.)
  • Have class members help with building the garden
  • Invite a locate organic farmer to oversee the construction of the garden and to speak with the class about organic gardening
  • Have one group investigate and report on gardening techniques without pesticides like those used at Arcosanti
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires materials not usually found in the classroom; set aside extra prep time to gather materials
  • A copy, one per participant, of the seven-page "Organic Gardening Research Project" handout is also required
  • The unit is divided into nine sessions
  • The lesson is especially appropriate for kinesthetic learners
  • Includes suggestions for research questions
  • None