Lesson Plan

Lesson 5: In the Courtroom: Understanding the Players and the Action

Young lawyers put Goldilocks on trial as they develop an understanding of the legal system in the final lesson of this five-part series. After learning about key terms relating to litigation, students are assigned roles and reading through the included mock trial script as they try to determine if Goldilocks is guilty of showing bad manners.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign roles to students the day before holding the mock trial, allowing them time to become familiar with the script
  • Reinforce vocabulary by having students give a silent signal whenever they hear a key term used during the mock trial
  • A comprehensive list of litigation terms and definitions is included with the lesson
  • A courtroom diagram is provided as a model for rearranging the classroom during the mock trial
  • Includes a charades activity engaging students in acquiring content vocabulary
  • Mock trial activity can be adapted for classes of all sizes
  • None