Lesson Plan

Learning with Nature

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Think outside the box - and think about education beyond the classroom walls - with a resource that has your critical thinkers watching a video about a nursery in Scotland that lets youngsters roam wild in a forest. Viewers reflect on the video through discussion and some writing prompts about the nature of imagination, play, and the relationship of these concepts to education. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • It would be interesting to go over this resource with your fellow teachers for professional development, not just your students
  • If your school is linked to an elementary or pre-K school, see if there's any overlap between the educational philosophy expressed in the video and that expressed at your own school
  • Given the subject, getting the class outside for the discussion or writing component makes sense if possible
Classroom Considerations
  • If playing the video in class, make sure there is video playback capability and Internet in the classroom
  • A timely resource given our growing reliance on screens as a medium for delivering educational experiences
  • Plenty of rich prompts for discussion and writing 
  • None
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