Learn to Code: Arrays and Logic Statements

This Learn to Code: Arrays and Logic Statements video also includes:

Young programmers learn about the concepts of arrays and logic statements with the third video in this introductory series on JavaScript. Starting with a brief explanation of arrays, the resource goes on to provide clear and simple examples of how to create and execute for, if, and else statements.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use this video to supplement a computer programming or vocational training course on JavaScript
  • Allow students to follow along and create the code being modeled in the video, pausing to take questions and provided additional instruction
  • Provide students with a list of coding tasks to complete after watching this video to demonstrate their learning
  • Presenter uses screen capture to visually demonstrate the programming concepts introduced in the video
  • Clear explanations are provided for the functions that each line of code performs
  • Content is a little dry, and may not engage all learners
Common Core