Las Partes Del Cuerpo (Parts of the Body)

This Las Partes Del Cuerpo (Parts of the Body) interactive also includes:

Now that your Spanish class has learned the parts of the body, have them review each term with three interactive learning games! Once learners choose a vocabulary activity, they work on matching terms and identifying parts of the body before time runs out.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Send home the link for learners to review at home, or have them access the game on a class set of tablets
  • Project the game onto a whiteboard and have teams compete for as many points as possible
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires access to the Internet and audio equipment for vocabulary pronunciation
  • If pupils match a word incorrectly, they can't try that word again unless they start the game over
  • Memory game matches two identical Spanish cards, not the Spanish card and its English translation
  • Game is engaging and fun
  • Provides instructions in English for beginners
  • Each game is scaffolded into different skill levels
  • Typing game provides Spanish symbols for quick response time
  • None