Lab Report

A set of instructions and a 100-point grading rubric have been designed for writing lab reports. Appropriate for middle schoolers, this lays out what to include for each of the six steps in the scientific method: title, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, and conclusion.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Give this concise handout to your science fair participants as a guide

  • Complete, yet concise instructions
  • Laid out in clearly organized steps
  • Useful for helping upper-elementary learners reach Next Generation Science Standards objectives

  • Unfortunately this is in pdf format, so you cannot edit it; consider using it as a model for designing your own lab report guide sheet
  • Rather than Title for the first step, you may prefer to call it Question or Problem
  • Minor formatting issues such as inconsistency with use of capital letters and punctuation, and the line for student's name for the second page actually on the bottom of the first