La Tierra (The Earth)

This La Tierra (The Earth) worksheet also includes:

¡Es importante cuidar la tierra! Encourage beginning Spanish speakers to protect their planet and practice their vocabulary with a series of worksheets. Learners fill in the blanks, match animal vocabulary with pictures, and complete word searches to reinforce understanding.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use each worksheet as a daily warm-up throughout the course of a Spanish unit on environmentalism
  • Include in a school-wide focus on taking care of the planet or when preparing for Earth Day
  • Assign one piece of ecological advice from the fifth page to partners or small groups to advertise with a school poster
Classroom Considerations
  • Packet is 11 pages long, but each page is its own exercise
  • Instructions are in Spanish
  • Accompanying video supplies the audio and animation for the song featured in the worksheet
  • Easily printed and copied
  • None