La Familia (Family Members)

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Fill out those branches on the árbol genealógico with a fun song that focuses on members of the family. From la abuela to los hijos de los tíos (los primos), the song and accompanying printout takes Spanish learners along the singer's lineage.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Play for students before beginning a family tree project in which they trace their lineage back to their grandparents—or further, if possible
  • Allow class members to try the games and other resources linked on the page
Classroom Considerations

  • Developing Spanish learners can figure out each word's meaning based on context clues, but struggling learners may need a vocabulary list or translation guide
  • Requires audio equipment and Internet access to play the song

  • Song repeats itself to help learners memorize vocabulary words
  • Printed family tree helps with word recognition

  • None