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Kingdom Animalia: Classifying Animals

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Six lessons, extension activities, and an assessment make up a series of lessons curated to reinforce the concept of classifying animals. Each informative and interactive lesson attributes to the knowledge of the seven levels of classifications, and proficiency of classifying animals through the process of comparing and contrasting animal classification, creating a classification system using objects at home, and creating a news species in which to classify.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Print, copy, and place all materials in an envelope to have ready for early finishers to work on when time permits
  • Send lessons home as a packet over a long break or vacation
  • Schedule time for class members to share their findings with their peers
Classroom Considerations
  • The series of lessons was designed to provide additional learning opportunities for learners who are gifted and/or those who are capable of working independently
  • It is stated that the lesson is best suited for the classroom environment
  • Copies are required for individuals participating in the lesson
  • Each lesson is written clearly and in kid-friendly language
  • The overall design is clean and easy to follow 
  • Work examples are included to aid pupils in understanding and completing the tasks
  • None