Ken Burns: Jackie Robinson Living in Jim Crow America

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Your class members may know that Jackie Robinson was the first African American man to play Major League Baseball, but they may not be aware of his efforts to achieve social justice. A clip from Ken Burns: The Jackie Robinson Collection video series looks at how the discrimination and prejudice Robinson faced during his early years impacted his character. After watching the clip, viewers engage in a series of activities designed to answer questions they may have and to have them reflect about what they can do do address racism and discrimination.

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Instructional Ideas
Classroom Considerations
  • Each episode in the collection address a different theme and a different aspect of Jackie Robinson's life
  • Class members should have prior knowledge of Jim Crow Laws and the Great Migration of the early 20th century
  • A protocol must be in place for a safe, respectful discussion of emotionally-charged issues
  • The small group activities permit learners to clarify their understanding and to ask questions before engaging in a full-class discussion
  • None