Judicial Independence

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Most people support the idea of an independent judiciary in theory until they hear about a court case that violates their principles. An informative resource explains why the concept is important. It also provides scholars of criminology with a useful summary of the ways that judicial independence is both maintained and limited within the constitutional system.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Show the introductory video to stimulate classroom discussion
  • Supplement a classroom lecture with the resource as an outside reading
Classroom Considerations
  • Serves as on installment in a series of five lessons on the organization of the Federal Courts
  • Based on reading level, the resource is best suited for high schoolers
  • The highlighted key terms link to a glossary of definitions
  • Contains a five-minute video that explains the importance of an independent judiciary
  • The interactive quiz is a fairly simple and effective assessment of the lesson
  • The font size is small, and navigation is not always intuitive
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