Jamir's Penny Jar

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Before you start counting the coins in Jamir's coin jar, figure out which coin to start with. Should it be the penny or the quarter? Why? This is the focus around a learning exercise that works well as an assessment on counting money and strategies for counting money.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a warm-up and have partners respond to the questions together before coming back to a larger discussion of the content
  • Give as a review to counting money before a test on the standard, or attach the sheet to a final assessment
Classroom Considerations
  • Best printed in color
  • Assumes that learners have experience in counting money, and identifying coins based on how they look, especially if printing in black and white
  • Provide paper for learners to write their answers
  • The first page is blank
  • Teacher version of the sheet contains commentary, expected learning outcomes, and solutions to problems
  • None
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