It's Not Easy Being Grizz

Grizzly bears can be up to 600 pounds and require a great deal of food, especially to survive hibernation. Comprised of multiple games, the third lesson of five only uses one setup. Pupils run around a large field, sorting and collecting food worth various points of energy, simulating grizzly bears planning for hibernation.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Design an assessment with multiple options including writing a story, drawing a painting, graphing seasonal changes in diets, etc.
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity requires a large outdoor area at least 100 feet in diameter
  • Unusual supplies require planning ahead, such as playground cones and tag-board signs and papers
  • Offers cross-curricular connections to ecology, geography, and mathematics
  • Game variations aptly simulate good and bad seasons, population expansion, and more
  • Includes discussion questions about bear sanctuaries and species population levels
  • None