Is There Really an Immigration Line?

If you've ever looked at the US immigration system, you know that it is complex and a source of controversy. An insightful lesson plan encourages learners to conduct their own analyses of the US immigration system by asking them to consider what the process looks like, whether it is fair, and what they would change about it. To gather information, they watch videos, cite textual evidence, and discuss the issue with classmates.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Find current news stories about immigration, particularly about controversial topics such as DACA or the children of immigrants, to supplement the resources used in the lesson
  • Contact state and national representatives via phone call or letter to share thoughts about immigration
Classroom Considerations
  • Embedded links may not go to the correct URL, so use the links in the Included Materials list instead
  • Be aware of the sensitivity surrounding immigration
  • Requires an account with Disqus, a free discussion app
  • Uses a hot-button issue to get scholars talking in the classroom
  • Adaptable for use as an individual activity or with small groups
  • None