Is There Poop on the Moon?

Need an icebreaker for a unit on space travel? This is it! In addition to doing brave, amazing, science-y stuff every day in space, astronauts also do a lot of ordinary human stuff. Some of this stuff does not make the return trip to Earth because of the extra weight. Young scientists learn the dirty truth about bodily functions in space and see the variety of tools available to astronauts throughout the years for dealing with the stuff.


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Instructional Ideas
  • Integrate the video into a unit on speed, velocity, and/or gravity, as all three factors come into play during bathroom time on space missions
Classroom Considerations
  • There will be a reaction to the video and its subject matter; avoid viewing the resource during times where extra noise is unwelcome, such as state testing
  • Does not require any prior knowledge to enjoy the video
  • The video shows and tells about everyday life in space
  • The resource provides a great cross-curricular link with history by showing photos, documents, and equipment from past space missions
  • None