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Is There Any Truth to the King Arthur Legends?

This Is There Any Truth to the King Arthur Legends? instructional video also includes:

Was he or wasn’t he? We may never know for sure about the origins of King Arthur. But a video that leads middle school and high school viewers through the facts and fictions that have kept King Arthur alive in peoples’ imaginations for nearly a thousand years provides understanding about the complexity of the issue. It also includes historical detail on how the embellishment of history happened.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite the class to brainstorm fictions that are based in fact and encourage them to think about how such stories might come about
  • Host a scavenger hunt for pupils to find as many versions as they can of King Arthur stories and then discuss how the different versions relate to each other
Classroom Considerations
  • Use closed captioning if the narrator’s pronunciation of English is interfering with understanding
  • Prepare students by discussing the Saxon invasion and medieval authors who wrote of King Arthur
  • Opportunity for cross-curricular connections with English and French literature
  • Provides valuable cultural context for reading stories of Arthur