Is It Alive?

This Is It Alive? lesson plan also includes:

Determining whether or not something is living can be more difficult than it seems. Put your young scientists to work defining their own criteria to identify life, then work with three samples to see if they are alive or not. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Great beginning of the year activity to get learners excited about science
  • Try a quick write before and after the lesson having the kids respond to the question, "what is life?"
Classroom Considerations
  • With larger class sizes, consider setting up stations for testing different materials
  • Great teacher tips, including classroom management ideas to make the lesson successful
  • Connects to current events (consider using pictures from the Curiosity Mars rover to make it even more current)
  • Focuses on the collaborative and experimental nature of science
  • The link to "ask Dr. C" in the extension activities is no longer active