Introduction to Trigonometry

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The topic of trigonometric ratios is often covered with loads of rote memorization baked into the activity. This activity set, however, leans more on using similar triangles and discovery learning to help young geometers develop a deeper understanding for the whys and hows of trigonometry. Problems emphasize physical situations and even include several directions for using trigonometry in the local area for experiments to determine the height of tall objects. The included teaching notes and directives make this a great set of activities to supplement your own geometry curriculum.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using the Appendix A extension activity to personalize the topic of trigonometry to the local area
  • Work with the art department to have learners create their own collages of triangles in photographs, similar to Appendix B
  • Worksheet activities make for easy differentiation with your current curriculum. Add these pieces in to individualize material to specific learner abilities
Classroom Considerations
  • Because the worksheets originated in Ireland, some of the language is a bit foreign to the American English reader
  • Primary worksheet ink color is red, which might require some finesse when creating copies for classroom use
  • Teaching notes include expected responses and possible redirections
  • Activities emphasize physical situations over abstract theory
  • Worksheets manage to carry a common theme in information while staying modular in nature
  • Focus on discovery learning of ratios and their relationships
  • Some of the text style tags are printed out next to the word in the charts for activities 3 - 8
  • No worked answer key provided