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Introduction to Decimals

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Three activities make up an introductory lesson plan designed to create a strong foundation in comparing fractions to decimals and exploring and building decimal models. Pupils brainstorm and complete a Venn diagram to show how decimals and fractions are used in everyday life. They use base 10 blocks to model whole numbers, and work in small groups to represent fractions on a hundreds grid.


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Instructional Ideas
  • Schedule time in the compute lab, or on mobile learning devices, to reinforce decimals skills on the websites listed on page 5
  • Send a note home informing parents and guardians of the topic; include websites that pupils can go to for extra practice 
  • Create a decimal place value themed bulletin board with infroamtions from the lesson that class memebers can reference during the unit 
Classroom Considerations
  • Copies and a variety of materials are required 
  • Scholars should be familiar with whole number place value; and be able to read, write, and compare benchmark fractions
  • Each activity is labeled with its learning style: physical, verbal, analytical, graphical, and numerical 
  • Accommodations and scaffolding suggestions, as well as assessment opportunities are provided 
  • Technology extensions are listed 
  • None