Interactive Constitution

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Did you know there are seven Articles and 27 Amendments to the US Constitution? Explore each and every one of them, including the Bill of Rights and other rights around the world, in a super neat US Constitution interactive. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use during election season, on Constitution Day, Inauguration Day, throughout Black History Month, or in a study of the US Constitution
  • Flip the classroom and create an assignment in which class members use the interactive at home, and come to class the next day to discuss their new-found knowledge
Classroom Considerations
  • Click on "Explore It" to begin looking at the Amendments and Articles of the US Constitution; or click on "Rights Interactive" to discover the Rights writing process and Rights arougnd the world
  • Although the resource doesn't include any teaching suggestions, the interactive comes with links to lesson plans, videos, and other teaching resouhrces
  • A versatile resource that can be used in many different studies
  • Loaded with information on the Articles of the US Constitution and the Amendments to the US Constitution
  • None