Inside OKCupid: The Math of Online Dating

Capture the hearts of your young statisticians with this real-life example of using statistics in online dating. The use of average and geometric mean are discussed in the context of creating the algorithm used to connect people.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this short, interesting, math-in-real-life video to kick off a lesson on the geometric mean or a lesson on comparing the use of two statistical values like the average verses geometric mean
  • Build your own lesson that has learners collaboratively creating their own online dating algorithm and trying it out at school
  • A fun experiment might be to have learners compare and contrast two different algorithms using data collected from happily married couples


Classroom Considerations

  • Consider people’s privacy or anonymity as learners collect data

  • Presents math in a fun, personal light
  • Animated and nicely presented
  • Interesting and motivating

  • None
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