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Scientific names and the location of 95 muscles of the human body can be found on the three-dimensional animated man within this award-winning application. After identifying a muscle, delve into exercises that strengthen and stretch. Create a personalized workout that the animated muscle man will lead you through.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. Set up a user name (Multiple user profiles can be accommodated.)
  2. Create a name for the workout
  3. From the Home page, rotate the man and zoom in on muscle groups to identify individual muscles
  4. Select exercises for an individual muscle to view primary and secondary muscles involved, as well as instructions for preparation and execution of the exercise
  5. Add the exercise to your workout if you choose


  • An alphabetized index of muscle names can be used to locate them on the human body
  • Each exercise is fully animated and can be zoomed in to a full-screen view 
  • Select the number of repetitions and amount of weight to lift for each exercise in your workout
  • Track progress over time
  • View your previous best performance
  • An exercise queue appears on left side of the interface within a workout
  • Edit workouts by adding or deleting exercises, or rearranging the order or execution
  • Hundreds of animated exercises and stretches are described and available for selection
  • Workouts can be sent to other mobile devices
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Instructional Ideas

For a self-paced physical fitness program, this is a valuable tool! Participants can log into iMuscle when they arrive at the gym and record their workouts. Workouts can be added, edited, or deleted.

Have your human anatomy students use the tool when labeling muscles on diagrams.

Classroom Considerations

Because the animation is of a skinless man, the images may be disturbing to youngsters. Be aware of the maturity of your class members.

  • Because it is an app for a mobile device, it can be taken from station to station in a gym
  • None