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Impacts of Climate on Forest Succession

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Part two in a series of four explores the effects of climate on succession or the changing of plant species in a forest. Groups review how to identify trees and then spend a day in the field collecting extensive data on trees to determine historical changes in species. Finally, scholars head back to the classroom to calculate and analyze the data to help show changes and make predictions about the future species found there. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Spend time before the field trip going over how to use the equipment (tape measure, DBH tape, compass, and identification guides)
Classroom Considerations
  • To complete the lesson, learners must know how to use a dichotomous key, must be familiar with specific identifying terms (such as opposite vs. alternate, simple vs. compound, etc.), and must be familiar with succession
  • Lesson works best with one full day out in the field, to a forest preserve or state/national park so groups can collect data
  • Includes teacher answer keys for all work at the end of the activity
  • Activity provides individual worksheets, background information, step-by-step teacher instructions, extension activities, and useful websites
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