Lesson Plan

Identifying Options

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"What should I do?" "How should I do it?" Middle Schoolers learn that answering these two questions is the key to solving problems. They begin with the first two steps of the Decision Making Process (gathering information and identifying as many options as possible) and then apply these steps to a problem.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin by reviewing the four-step decision-making process studied in Module Two, Lesson 3, "Identifying Options"
  • Post the steps in the Decision-Making Process and the steps for Problem Solving in a prominent place in the classroom
  • Have class members save their activity sheets in their course folder
Classroom Considerations
  • Second of four lessons in the Problem Solving module
  • Requires a copy of the "How Could I Do This" activity sheet for each participant
  • A link to the activity sheet is provided in the Included Materials section
  • The problem solving activity encourages participants to think of a wide variety of options
  • None