Identifying Nouns

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What's more fun than an afternoon at an art auction? A morning with a grammar worksheet! After reading a short story about Jillian's trip to the art auction, learners jot down every noun from the passage, labeling each one as either proper or common.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign for homework after a lesson on nouns
  • Project onto the board for a warm-up 
  • Have learners use the passage to write their own paragraphs, noting the different nouns they use 
Classroom Considerations
  • Let students know that some nouns should be listed more than once
  • Text complexity is best suited for second or third graders
  • Learners may need more space for their responses
  • Frontload vocabulary such as auction or Monet for English learners
  • Answer key makes it easy to assess progress quickly
  • None
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