I Built an Acoustic Levitator! Making Liquid Float on Air

Think of current acoustic levitator technology as a hover board for tiny things! Introduce young physicists to this emerging gadget using a video from an informative playlist touching on physics topics. Viewers watch as Physics Girl and her assistants build and test a small acoustic levitator. The narrator also explains how the levitator works and how it compares to magnetic levitators.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Order an acoustic levitator kit and have pupils try it out for themselves
  • Make the video the grand finale of a sound unit
Classroom Considerations
  • Some knowledge of waves and how they interact is helpful for understanding how the levitator works
  • Standing wave demonstrations and explanations are spot-on
  • The video makes a good guide for constructing an acoustic levitator, as it includes helpful tips
  • None
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