I Am Working For...

This I Am Working For... printable & template also includes:

Give your students something to work for with this simple incentive program. Requiring children to earn three stars in order to meet their goal, this is an easy way motivate them to try their hardest and be on their best behavior.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Laminate the page and use Velcro® to attach the stars
  • Print out pictures of different rewards or incentives to attach to the sheet (ex. iPad, computer, arts & crafts, board games, etc.)
  • Have students write in the incentive or reward that they are working toward
  • Reset the stars at the end of each day, or wait until children reach their goal before starting over
Classroom Considerations

  • This incentive program can be used with primary grade students or in special needs classrooms of any age level

  • Includes both a recording sheet and a set of three star cutouts
  • Easy to implement

  • None