Human Japanese Lite HD

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Start with the basics of the Japanese language. The app, which is organized into chapters similar to a textbook, is made up of approachable text, which reads like someone calmly talking you through the aspects of the Japanese language, and interactive features that take advantage of a tablet's special capabilities.

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App Overview

Human Japanese begins with a tutorial of the app features and functions and then an introduction to the Japanese language. In landscape, use the menu on the right side to navigate the app; in portrait, tap Main Menu to view options.


  • Work your way through eight chapters in the lite version (and 45 in the full version)
  • Learn Japanese grammar, pronunciation, syllabaries, vocabulary, and more
  • Read about Japanese culture
  • Listen to audio recordings of various characters and words by simply touching highlighted characters or words; the app will often provide one clip of a native speaker and one of a language learner to show the difference in pronunciation
  • Practice the material with interactive review activities and quizzes; the quizzes are generally at the end of a chapter, but can also be accessed by pressing Reviews
  • Look up a Japanese word or grammar term with the included dictionary
  • Navigate the pages with the arrows
  • Alter the font size (small, normal, or large)
  • Go to a specific chapter by tapping on Chapters and then selected your desired chapter
  • See a summary of the lessons by tapping on Chapters and then View Complete Lesson Plan
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Instructional Ideas

A great supplementary material for at-home or in-class use, language learners can work their way through one chapter at a time for extra practice. The app would also be useful for reference and review. Having trouble with Hiragana? Look back at that chapter and watch the animations all over again.

Set up stations or group work. Learners can go through a section at a time, reading the material and practicing the sounds and vocabulary.

Even if you only have access to a single tablet, Human Japanese Lite can be a useful teaching tool. Project the animations of the character and step-by-step instructions while class members practice, or play the voice recordings for the whole class.

Classroom Considerations

You can't track progress. However, since the app doesn't save scores, multiple students could use the same version to practice. Stations would definitely be feasible with a set of tablets.

Human Japanese Lite is more appropriate for independent learners. There is a good amount of reading and self-guided practice involved.

If you love the lite version, check of the full version! There is a lot more Japanese to explore.

  • Takes you through the basics step by step; excellent pacing and enough material that you could use the lite version for a long time before deciding on the full version
  • Special features, like animations of the characters and audio recordings of native (and not) speakers add value to the app
  • Narrator is engaging and relatable
  • No way to track progress
  • Made for one user; however, since answers to quizzes and reviews don't save, multiple users can practice on the same device