Human Impacts on Biodiversity

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Have you always wanted to take your science class on an amazing field trip they will never forget? Now you can! Observe the wildlife in an African savanna through trail cameras with a five-part data analysis activity. Learners analyze data from an extensive study to create and support claims about the effects of human activity on wildlife populations. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use parts four and five as enrichment activities if you're pressed for time
  • Introduce the methods used in the research study by showing a video lecture about camera traps

Classroom Considerations
  • If this is your class' first experience with WildCam Gorongosa, have them visit the website before beginning the activity
  • Students need to create an account on the website to access some of the materials
  • Activity offers pupils a chance to experience citizen science at work in a large-scale research study
  • The use of real data and data analysis methods makes for a stronger connection to the lesson
  • None