Human Feet Are Strange

Feet are neat! So, if you've already walked the path of examining animal footprints with your class, put them in the shoes of early humans! A well-designed lesson incorporates video, discussion, and hands-on learning to demonstrate how humans have evolved. Junior paleontologists leave their mark on their own versions of the Laetoli trackway and finish by comparing and contrasting them to the originals.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Watch the video as a class, then work together through the discussion questions
  • Make the activity the culmination of a study of the fossil record or evolution
Classroom Considerations

  • Print and laminate class copies of the Laetoli trackway ahead of time, one for each pair of students
  • Enlist the help of volunteers for setting up your class' version of the trackway, so it's in place when the class begins

  • Recreating the Laetoli trackway in the classroom is engaging and impactful
  • The resource does an excellent job of reinforcing observation and inference skills
  • Introduction video is interesting and sure to capture the class's attention!

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