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How to Speed Up Chemical Reactions (and Get a Date)

This How to Speed Up Chemical Reactions (and Get a Date) instructional video also includes:

How are chemical reactions like dating? A collision must first occur! In this hilarious approach to speeding up chemical reactions, viewers find out that five changes can increase the rate of reaction: smaller space, increased number of particles, increased temperature (and therefore velocity), increased surface area, and adding a catalyst. Teens will thoroughly enjoy and learn from this feature! Because of its quick pace, you will want to review each concept in more detail, but this is a worthy introduction.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Unique and humorous angle from which to introduce reaction rates
  • Colorful and engaging animation
  • Adaptable to Common Core State Standards for scientific literacy and reading informational text
  • Lesson is customizable; add your own linked resources or revise the questions to your liking
  • Links to interactive simulations and other resources in the Dig Deeper tab
  • None