How to Celebrate Kwanzaa on Your Campus

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An article details everything you need to know about celebrating Kwanzaa at your school. An opening-day ceremony starts the seven-day holiday celebration followed a daily routine that includes a greeting, candle lighting, reciting an affirmation, an activity, then blowing out the candles. A closing ceremony ends the celebration. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Set up a display in your classroom or the school library alongside books that highlight the holiday for visitors to browse
  • Conduct a reflection at the end of the celebration—direct learners to answer questions on a blog, in a journal, or aloud in a grand discussion 
  • Invite family members to join all or certain days of the celebration
Classroom Considerations
  • Kwanzaa begins December 26th 
  • The celebration's duration may vary depending on your schedule 
  • Consider food allergies prior to bringing in anything to eat 
  • A brief history and meaning of the holiday is provided
  • The article is written clearly and in detail
  • Specific activities for most days are not included