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How to Build a Fictional World

This How to Build a Fictional World instructional video also includes:

Hear one author's take on what makes a compelling fictional world and how to build a story within it. A series of questions check if the kids were listening, and a compendium of six rich resources for expanding on this concept also accompanies the video. Easily add in your own commentary or an assignment with the Flip This Lesson feature, which is a simple way to customize the lesson and share it with your class.

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  • Illustrations visually engage the viewer
  • Dig Deeper section provides many rich resources
  • A lot of ideas are shared in the video, but the speaker moves through them quickly; consider listening ahead of time and composing a document that records the ideas shared so the class does not have to frantically scribble notes while watching
  • The Think questions are mostly recall, so adding in other questions could lead to a much richer conversation