How Plants Tell Time

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Can someone really have a "biological clock"? Discover why many organisms on earth have an inherent awareness of where they are in the day's cycle.This video discusses animal adaptations, the earth's revolutions, and how light and temperature work to trigger reactions on a molecular level in plants.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • As an extension activity, have learners research the specific advantages of light perception in flowers and animals, and have them present their work to the class for a whole-group learning experience
Classroom Considerations
  • Pupils should have foundational knowledge of such concepts as photosynthesis and basic plant biology prior to watching this video
  • Circadian rhythms and phytochromes are covered in specific detail
  • Excellent animations to help illustrate the concepts
  • Includes online discussion and assessment questions provided by the publisher, which can be customized
  • None