How Neolithic Farmers Increased Their Standard of Living

This How Neolithic Farmers Increased Their Standard of Living activity also includes:

How do people improve their economic situations? While many learners may not consider questions about how many crops to grow in ancient times were economic decisions, a hands-on activity encourages individuals to make these connections. After reading about specialization of labor, pupils experience the economic decisions made on a daily basis in a neolithic village using a simulated trade activity. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the PowerPoint for direct instruction on the Neolithic era or economic concepts
  • Ask the class to consider how decisions about survival were economic questions in the prehistoric era
Classroom Considerations
  • Second of 23 Middle School World History lessons from the Council for Economic Education
  • Complete set of materials, including PowerPoint and simulation, are ready to use in the classroom
  • Engaging simulation and discussion questions encourage students to think critically about economic issues
  • Lesson plans do not have much background on the Neolithic Era
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