How Many Mass Extinctions Have There Been?

This How Many Mass Extinctions Have There Been? video also includes:

Everyone knows about the extinction of the dinosaurs, but what other mass extinctions have happened? The video explains how scientists define mass extinctions. It offers insight into the debate about the number of mass extinctions as well.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the graphic 48 seconds into the video and divide your students into research groups, one for each extinction listed, and let them present their findings to the class
  • Discuss whether we are currently in a mass extinction period or not
Classroom Considerations

  • Comments contain personal attacks and add nothing, so avoid displaying them if at all possible

  • Offers subtitles in eight languages to benefit ELLs
  • Includes a list of key words and phrases for those wanting to learn more

  • None