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How Dry am I? Exploring Biomimicry and Nanotechnology

This How Dry am I? Exploring Biomimicry and Nanotechnology lesson plan also includes:

Help your classes feel like they can walk on water! An engaging inquiry-based lesson has young scholars experiment with different surface coatings. They make observations about their properties and how they relate to the surface tension of water. Finally, the lab-based conclusions connect to natural materials—and learners discover the likelihood of being able to walk on water.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a graphic organizer pupils can add to their notes to compare and contrast leaf structure
Classroom Considerations
  • Allow time to collect and prepare necessary materials
  • Review safety precautions for handling materials during the lab activity
  • Allows learners to explore the concept through a hands-on activity
  • Emphasizes scientific vocabulary throughout the lesson
  • None