How Does Money Laundering Work?

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Is that dollar bill in your pocket part of a criminal enterprise? How can you tell? Learn about the fundamentals of money laundering in an informative video that focuses on Al Capone and his famous financial schemes, as well as how modern instances of money laundering may not be detectable within the legal economy.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Show in an economics class when discussing the modern economic system
  • Have learners research additional examples of money laundering charges
  • Connect to a lesson on the recession of 2008
Classroom Considerations
  • Discusses the elements of money laundering, including its role in illegal businesses such as casinos and brothels
  • Requires access to the Internet
  • Pupils should have some background knowledge on Al Capone and/or the economic system
  • Provides a short assessment and series of discussion questions
  • Subject matter is engaging for viewers of all levels
  • None
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