Homeostasis of Thermoregulation

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Whether you're battling the flu or trying to warm up on a chilly day, your body's ability to react to temperature change is fascinating! Anatomy scholars discover the fantastic feedback loops that control body temperature in a rigorous lesson plan. Learners create and interpret diagrams of homeostatic processes and learn the key body systems responsible for maintaining homeostasis.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Print the first page of the resource and distribute it to the class so they can create their own block diagrams of a homeostatic system
  • Incorporate body system diagrams into the lesson to help students relate structure to function
Classroom Considerations

  • The lesson requires extensive knowledge of feedback systems and the parts of the body that contribute to thermoregulation
  • Consider breaking the block diagrams into chunks to build an understanding of the cause and effect that occurs during homeostasis

  • The resource gives learners an in-depth look at the mechanisms involved in maintaining body temperature under a variety of circumstances
  • Activities included with the plan allow pupils to create their own virtual homeostatic circuits using an interactive

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