Hey Batter, Wake Up!

This Hey Batter, Wake Up! worksheet also includes:

Does jet lag affect a baseball team's performance in games? Read about how a baseball team's chance of winning a game can be affected by traveling over one, two, and three time zones. Readers then respond to five short answer questions that involve problem solving, inferencing, predicting, and summarizing.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Conduct a mini lesson on time zones and display a map or have individuals use atlases to track the player's traveling of time zones mentioned in the reading passage
  • Pose the question: Which direction are the players headed as they travel over time zones (east or west)? How does gaining or losing hours over the time zones affect player's performance? Does one affect performance more than the other?
  • Include in a math center when working with time and measurement, and place the worksheets in sheet protectors to maintain quality
Classroom Considerations

  • Provide notebook paper for learners to respond to, as the questions do not leave enough space to problems solve and write
  • Ensure class members are familiar with time zones and consider providing a map

  • Two questions combine problem solving and reading comprehension

  • None
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