Here's My Family

Family traditions help to instill personal values, social norms, and the warmest of childhood memories. Elementary and secondary learners share their favorite family traditions with a fun diorama project. Using modeling clay, they create a 3-D diorama in a box showing their family participating in the tradition. After sharing their diorama with their peers, class members compare and contrast family traditions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Augment the lesson with a writing prompt about the tradition, encouraging pupils to include sensory details
  • Align to an upcoming holiday or featured tradition in a literary unit
Classroom Considerations

  • Invite creative modifications for learners who would rather not use clay for their dioramas
  • Use the adaptation suggestions as extension activities or alternate assignments
  • Does not include a rubric for the assignment or presentation

  • Promotes storytelling techniques, artistic expression, and presentation skills
  • Provides a materials list from the publisher's brand, but any similar art supplies would suffice
  • Versatile instructions do not restrict learners to a standard nuclear family model, allowing them to share different family structures

  • None