Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

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Ensure that your learners can read both fiction and nonfiction texts with ease! This resource includes questions that individuals can ask themselves while reading either type of text to help learners comprehend the text, make connections, extend beyond the text, and decipher unfamiliar vocabulary.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Hand this resource out to parents at the beginning of the year so that they can interact with their children while they read in order to help pupils further develop reading skills
  • Use this as a reference page for individuals; they can keep copies in their binders, or check a copy that you've posted on the wall
  • Try this out as your own reference and use the questions for worksheets and during class discussions
Classroom Considerations
  • Since these are general questions that could be used for any text, you may wish to create more specific questions for a given reading to add on to the list
  • Each page includes a variety of questions to ask
  • Covers both fiction and nonfiction
  • None